Helping the Boomer Generation Keep Booming in Life

through beauty, health, and wellness

Just because you’re over 50 doesn’t mean life is over. You’re just getting started!

The Boomer Lady is a blog and resource to help the baby boomer generation realize they can do it all and it’s not super difficult to do. Between keeping your look fresh and modern to feeling full of energy, the blog will share tips and tricks you need to be your best self.

The inspiration behind The Boomer Lady was born from many family members and friends who were complaining about growing older. Some of them were even letting it bring them down and affect their way of life! I started seeing this mindset more and more, even from strangers, and realized that an epidemic was forming. The responses I always received when connecting with more and more people was that they knew there was more to life but because of their age, they weren’t sure how to grasp the possibilities.

I’ve made some friends along the way that are teaching me as much as I hope I’m teaching them. I aim to share information on social media and the blog that allows my fellow “boomerangs” to gain knowledge and insight on how to live a better life, daily. I also want to provide answers and an ear to listen when they need someone.